View the public comment submissions for NFPA documents in the Annual 2015 revision cycle

Blog Post created by debbiebaio Employee on May 28, 2014

As we continue to enhance our standards development site, NFPA looks for ways to make it easier for the public to get involved and participate in our standards development process. A recent feature added in the standard development site is the capability for the public to “View Public Inputs” and “View Public Comments” after all submissions have been completed.

For documents in the Annual 2015 revision cycle that received public comments, links are now available to “View Public Comments” on each Next edition tab of the document information pages under the category “Second Draft”. You will be asked to sign-in or create a free online account with NFPA before using this system. Please note that the following four documents did not receive any public comments and, therefore, will not have a link available for viewing: NFPA 291, NFPA 312, NFPA 423, and NFPA 1071.
To view a complete list of the Annual 2015 documents, go to the document information pages and use the search feature in the upper right gray box to search by cycle.

Please be advised, that it is anticipated that in the future, paper submissions for public input and public comment will not be accepted so please take this opportunity to try out the system – we think you’ll really like it! As always we are here to help you participate in the NFPA process.

If you have any questions or need help with any feature of the Standards Development site, please feel free to contact us.