CFPS Quarterly Update from the Chair

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Bruce Clarke

Greetings and well wishes once again from the CFPS Board of Directors.


Welcome New Certificants

We are pleased to announce that our program continues to enjoy very positive “smart” growth with

70 new certificants </span>added to the CFPS ranks since January 1, 2014.&#0160; The CFPS board joins me in extending congratulations and a warm welcome to our new certificants. You should all be very proud of this great achievement. The addition of these new certificants brings the total number of active CFPS holders to 2306. I know the required exam is not easy by any standards but I think that most of you will agree that earning the right to add the CFPS professional designation after your name is well worth the effort.



!http://nfpa.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8351b9f3453ef01a73dcd89ad970d-120wi|src=http://nfpa.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8351b9f3453ef01a73dcd89ad970d-120wi|alt=CFPSbrochure|style=margin: 0px 5px 5px 0px;|title=CFPSbrochure|class=asset asset-image at-xid-6a00d8351b9f3453ef01a73dcd89ad970d img-responsive!I am very excited to witness both the positive direction the program has taken over the past several years as well as the excellent plan we are developing for the future. In addition to our plan for program growth with uncompromising integrity, a top priority of the Board will continue to be a focus on promotional visibility across our associated industries. We can all share in this program promotion though our daily professional conduct, activities, and a willingness to challenge colleagues to pursue a CFPS certification for themselves.&#0160; Nothing makes me more excited than to see industry job postings where holding the CFPS certification is recognized as a differentiator. I am even seeing more and more postings where “CFPS or equivalent” is a top requirement. This is a testimony to the increasing value of our program which certainly appears to be expanding in several fire protection and loss prevention related industries. While on the topic (and at the risk of making this sound like a CFPS sales pitch – and anyone who knows me knows I am not above promoting our program when I get the chance), I wanted to remind people that CFPS program brochures can be downloaded to share with colleagues.



Welcome New Board Members


We just completed our annual Board of Directors elections for open positions where two past directors either chose not rot run again or could not run due to term limits. Congratulations to Dave Hague, David Ward, Frank Keisler, Jr., and Kevin Sluss on their recent election results. Voting proved we had another very tight election year with a slate of very talented individuals running for these open positions. Thanks so much to all who stepped up to participate in the election, both as candidates and voters. Looking ahead, I encourage all that were not elected (and anyone that has a CFPS and has the time and the interest in making the CFPS program even better), to run for a position on the Board of Directors next year.

* NFPA Conference & Expo*


With elections and our 2013 ANSI recertification now behind us, the Board is focusing on our involvement in the upcoming NFPA Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas . For our part, there will be a CFPS booth, CFPS reception, and our CFPS annual meeting. If you are going to be in Las Vegas, please plan to attend our meeting and reception. Also, stop by the booth to say hello to the Board. In fact, send your non-CFPS colleagues by the booth to learn why they also should become certified!


CFPS LinkedIn


Details and locations of the various events have been posted on the CFPS LinkedIn&#0160;site. The approximately 4000 member CFPS LinkedIn site has great technical industry and CFPS program discussions. For those of you that are already part of the site, please post your stories where you have seen value in having the CFPS. I have enjoyed many of these reports and know many more people would love to hear them too. This is especially true since LinkedIn site membership is not only open to those that have a CFPS but also to those exploring the possibility of obtaining a CFPS.&#0160; Access the&#0160;CFPS LinkedIn site.




On another note, as mentioned in our last update, CFPS recertification starts by navigating to nfpa.org/cfps and clicking on Enter CFPS Online services . This year we posted some updates and clarification on certification requirements so, I encourage you to make sure to plan ahead. From this site, you can also&#0160;access For CFPS certificate holders&#0160;to view important CFPS related documents including CFPS Board of Director contact information, the CFPS Bylaws, and the noted recertification requirements tables that were recently updated.


New Chair in June


On a final note, while my term as a Board member is not expiring for two more years, this will be my last communication as Board Chair. A new Chairman will be nominated from the existing 12 Board members in June.* I want to personally thank those that have served on the Board* but are moving off in June. Mr. Ray Lonabaugh has been a board member pretty much since the beginning and has served as a dedicated and instrumental part of outstanding program guidance for well over a decade. Mr. Chris Butts became one of our FPE Board members a few years back and immediately jumped in with great ideas and program involvement. A big thank you to both. There are also three NFPA staff members that constantly focus time going “above and beyond” for the betterment of the program, and those people are Ms. Beth Turner &#0160;(CFPS Program Administrator), Mr. John Cannon (Certification Program Manager) and Mr. Leon Katcharian (Director of Certification). They continue to make the CFPS (and strong CFPS-NFPA relationship) increasingly stronger. Thank you.

Bruce Clarke



For more on&#0160;CFPS&#0160;go to: nfpa.org/cfps.</p>