Creating the research road map for the smart firefighter of the future

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Jun 9, 2014

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NFPA Conference & Expo education sessions have kicked off this morning and one of the first attendees got a chance to sit in was done by Casey Grant of the Fire Protection Research Foundation. Casey's presentation covered an ongoing Foundation research project funded by NIST, titled, "Creatng the research road map for the smart firefighter of the future." 

The key concept of this project, SMART, refers to specific, measureable, attainable, relevant and timely items. Gathering of data (using sensors), processing the data (computation), and use of the data (targeted decision making) are the three areas that the world of cyber physical systems cover. As a point of reference, in 2013, we produced 5 exabyte of data every 10 minutes, however from the dawn of civilization to 2003, humankind generated 5 exabytes of data in total, so you can see the progression of how much faster and more readily available this information is becoming. 

Smart clothing, augmented reality, robotics, satellitel information, drones, smartphone apps, fully interoperable equipment are all examples of smart, data rich tools that firefighters may use to make their jobs safer, more efficient, or reducing loss of lives and property. PPE and equipment, apparatus and equipment, building systems, and infrastructure & community data systems can be utilized to gather this data. 

To learn more or stay up to date on future research, the project's status and information is available on the Foundation website

Download the handouts for Casey's presentation on smart fire fighting through the Conference website (registration required).