Pro Board honors NFPA President Jim Shannon with donation to Fire Protection Research Foundation

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Jun 19, 2014

JimThe Pro Board honors NFPA President Jim Shannon with a donation to support the research efforts of the Fire Protection Research Foundation. The Pro Board donation recognizes Shannon’s leadership in fire safety issues and his support of Fire Service Professional Qualifications Accreditation and Certification Systems. 

The Pro Board was created as the “National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications,” a non-profit organization, to establish internationally recognized credentialing for fire and emergency services personnel based on the NFPA 1000 series of professional qualification standards. The Research Foundation plans, manages, and communicates research on a broad range of fire safety issues in support of the NFPA mission. 

Shannon will conclude his 12-year tenure as NFPA president in June, with a legacy of support for the nation’s fire service. Under his leadership, NFPA has advanced its mission of fire and life safety for the general public and members of the fire service. 

Throughout his career at NFPA, Shannon has been an ardent supporter of the needs of the fire service, especially its ability to respond to ordinary and extraordinary events. He testified before congressional hearings, advocated for increased funding through grant and government programs, and committed the support of NFPA staff and resources to every major fire service organization in the country.