In the new NFPA Journal, a closer look at the digital legacy of NFPA’s outgoing president, Jim Shannon

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Jim Shannon arrived at NFPA as vice president and general counsel in 1991, the same year the World Wide Web went public. He became president of NFPA in 2002, and when he retired from the post, in June, he had presided over what was arguably the most dynamic period in NFPA’s history, one driven by a technological revolution made possible by the Internet.

Shannon’s story, including his willingness to embrace the web and leverage it across a variety of NFPA initiatives over the past 12 years, is told in “The Good Steward,” the cover story of the July/August NFPA Journal.

The package also includes a video conversation with Shannon on some of the key moments of his presidency, as well as an introduction to NFPA’s new president, Jim Pauley.

Shannon’s digital legacy includes Internet-based advocacy initiatives, such as NFPA’s efforts aimed at fire-safe cigarettes and home fire sprinklers, as well as free access to all NFPA standards and a new, streamlined, web-based process for standards development.