How to solar power an ambulance or fire truck

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Jul 23, 2014

Solar fire truck
We found this interesting article by Robert Avsec online today titled, "How to solar power an ambulance or fire truck," and wanted to share. He starts out by explaining that the electrical load on today's apparatus and ambulances has increased substantially over the years as departments have increased their scope of services. Added to that in an increased amount of time spent away from plug-in power. This is where he brings in solar panels that are apparatus-mounted. He calls out five benefits (beyond improving batter performance) for using solar panels:

  • Reduced operating hours on the vehicle motor.
  • Reduced maintenance costs (less frequent replacement of filters and lubricants).
  • Reduced fuel consumption.
  • Reduced diesel engine emissions.
  • Reduced energy use at the station as the apparatus can be outside during the daylight hours in lieu being plugged into a shoreline.

Check out the full article to learn about two cities with fire departments who have rolled out solar panels on their apparatus as well as some additional information on ambulance application.