Smart firefighting gains momentum in the world of fire protection

Blog Post created by susanmckelvey Employee on Jul 28, 2014

Smart phones, smart cars, smart homes… “smart” technology is just about everywhere. In the world of fire protection, smart firefighting is no exception.

Innovative ways for the fire service, fire fighters and emergency responders to conduct their work are continually emerging as an ever-increasing amount of “sensor rich” data becomes available. Figuring out how to identify, retrieve, compile and disseminate this information is still being explored, but one thing’s for sure: The way fire fighters and emergency responders do their jobs will steadily shift and change as digital data becomes increasingly accessible through mobile apps and other technologies.

This video clip, which highlights the Frisco, TX, fire department’s use of real-time data at an awards ceremony in 2010, demonstrates how smart technologies can and are already impacting firefighting, and reinforces that smart firefighting isn’t an abstract concept to be implemented at some point in the future – it’s an existing, burgeoning one. (The video is 11 minutes overall; the example starts at 5:43.) 

In its ongoing efforts to actively explore smart firefighting, the Fire Protection Research Foundation, NFPA’s research affiliate, has launched a new online section that addresses smart firefighting. Included are details about its current project, “Developing a Research Roadmap for Smart Firefighting”, as well as other related initiatives, information and resources.

The Foundation is always looking to learn more about smart technologies out in the field and how they’re being used by fire departments and emergency responders. Please feel free to email related video clips, articles, etc., to Eric Peterson.