NEC Challenge returned to its roots at National Training Institute's trade show

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on Jul 31, 2014

Last weekend, NJATC’s National Training Institute (NTI) Trade Show shook up the NEC Challenge with some special appearances, new platforms and record breaking scores. At our first 2014 trade show stop (and the trade show where the NEC Challenge first began last year), participants answered quiz questions about the NEC posed from NFPA staff members and got the chance to explore the all new NEC Challenge online game at the booth.

The action heated up with the live questions as some of the country’s top NEC Code masterminds competed for the top spot on the Leaderboard. All participants that answered their first NEC Challenge question correctly were entered into a drawing for our prizes. The select few who proved their expert knowledge of the code competed to win the Leaderboard by correctly answering as many questions in a row as they could.

Paul HolumThe Leaderboard came to a showdown between two members of NJATC Local 292. Derrick Atkins and Paul Holum are friends, co-workers, and according to last year’s champion Derek Vigstol, “They taught me everything I know about the code.” Paul led the field at the conclusion of day one with a score of 22, which was matched early on day two by Atkins. Looking at the rules and seeing that a tie at the top of the Leaderboard would be determined by a random hat drawing, Paul stepped up to take fate in his own hands. Answering a record-setting 36 straight code questions, Paul established himself alone at the top of the Leaderboard and in the annals of NEC Challenge history.

More prizes were handed out to those who answered at least one code question and Beau Burton won the iPad drawing of over 170 entries.

Derek Vigstol, last year’s NTI Leaderboard winner and first ever NEC Challenge champion, stopped by the booth to show off his championship belt, comparing it to this year’s all-new version up for grabs, and told this year’s challengers how his experience with the NEC Challenge has helped in his classroom teachings.

Look forward for another opportunity to play the NEC Challenge and earn a spot in our 2014 championship Sept. 28-30 at the NECA Conference and Trade Show in Chicago. If you won’t be in attendance at NECA, play along anytime online to sharpen your skills and for more opportunities to win weekly and monthly prizes.

Thank you to all the participants and NTI for a fun show! And, congratulations to our winners Paul Holum and Beau Burton. See you in Chicago this September!