Life safety pioneer paved the way for sprinkler requirements in Illinois

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Aug 6, 2014

Dave Grupp
In 1988, Chief Dave Grupp of the Long Grove, Illinois, Fire Protection District proposed the controversial idea of a home fire sprinkler ordinance to the Long Grove Village Board. His focus was on the safety of the residents, other occupants, and emergency responders.

In a past interview, Chief Grupp said he did not know there weren't any communities in Illinois that required home fire sprinklers. “At that time there wasn’t even a smoke detector requirement,” he said. “I just thought the home fire sprinkler ordinance was the right thing to do.”

Long Grove did not have a municipal water supply and had to rely on rural water supply operations for structure fires. Fire sprinklers presented a solution to controlling or extinguishing fires early in their stages of development. Ultimately, thanks to the educational efforts of Grupp, the elected officials voted in favor of the standalone ordinance on April 12, 1988.

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