Members of NFPA Public Fire Protection Department and Interns visit Massport FD

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Aug 6, 2014


On Tuesday August 5, members of the NFPA Public Fire Protection Department and 10 NFPA interns had the awesome opportunity to visit and tour the Massport Fire Department and take a ride on the fire boat, American United. The American United, known as Marine 31, is a 2011, 79' Fire boat capable of flowing 6000 gallons of water per minute, has 500 gallons of foam concentrate on board, and contains life rafts for 300 people.


Marine 32, another Fireboat in the Massport fleet, is a 2009 37' Moose Boat with jet drive, can flow 500 gallons of water per minute, and has a life raft capacity for 130 people. After an extensive tour of the Massport facilities and Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting equipment all hands reported to the docks for a thorough tour of Boston harbor aboard Marine 31.


After nearly 34 years in the fire service I enjoyed our ride as if I was new firefighter taking a ride on a fire boat for the very first time. I want to thank the firefighters and officers who hosted our tour and gave a top notch tour of the facility and equipment along with a short history on the harbor.

The current 2013 edition of NFPA 1925 Standard on Marine Fire-Fighting Vessels will be open soon for public comment.