Recap of NFPA INSIDER August episode covering wildfire, committee membership and fire escapes

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on Sep 3, 2014

is a live, bi-monthly online session — an added benefit for NFPA members only — that features expanded news and content from the latest issue of NFPA Journal and other NFPA sources. Recently, the August episode aired and featured NFPA President Jim Pauley, Dawn Bellis and Linda Fuller of NFPA in the Up to Code Segment all about committee membership as well as Carl Baldassarra on fire escapes.

JIm Pauley gave the First Word, which this month centered on wildfire. More than $453 million and $113 million are property losses from two largest wildfires in 2012. More than 67,000 wildfire burned more than 9.3 million acres in that year as well. Our changing environment and living conditions provide challenges that we need to address for fire safety. More action before the fires arrive are what Jim says is needed.  Firewise and Fire Adapted Community education programs are helpful in this cause.

This month's NFPA Journal segment highlighted Carl Baldassarra's September/October issue article on fire escapes, and the issue of maintenance and inspection. Carl is the President of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers and discusses how before WW2, many fire escapes were built as external, outdoor stair cases, and now these fire escapes need to be inside the buildings. some fire escapes are unusable or in very bad shape and the need for regular inspection and maintenance needs to be in the forefront. Throughout the segment, Carl details some of the current issues and problems with fire escapes that makes this an important fire safety initiative to look at.

Dawn Bellis and Linda Fuller discuss the importance of technical committees, how to become a member, the benefits and importance to you and more.

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