FEMA grant helps NFPA to further develop AFV safety training

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Sep 12, 2014


The NFPA was recently awarded a FEMA “Assistance to Fire Fighters – Fire Prevention and Safety” grant to further develop NFPA’s Alternate Fuel Vehicle Safety Training Program

NFPA’s Alternate Fuel Vehicle Safety Training (AFV) is an online program, which provides free training to the U.S fire service on safe handling of electric, hybrid, hydrogen fuel cell, compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas, and liquefied petroleum gas at a vehicular accident scene.

The FEMA grant will help broaden the scope on NFPA’s already implemented electrical vehicle (EV) training programs. So far, the EV training has only addressed hybrid and electrical vehicle safety, but the new funding will allow exploring and enhancing a much wider range of alternative fuel vehicles.

The grant will also help NFPA:

  • Develop “stranded energy” practices for working with high-voltage vehicle batteries and create an online safety source addressing gaseous fuels
  • Develop online training programs for Apple, Windows and Android platforms
  • Update the existing Emergency Field Guide with alternative fuel vehicle training.

To maximize participation from the fire service, the alternative fuel safety training programs will be provided free of charge for the next year.

So far, NFPA has trained only 38,000 out of 1.2 million volunteer and full-time firefighters, to handle EV incidents. With the grant, we are hoping to reach all of them.

FEMA’s grants are given out to fire departments, national, regional, state and local organizations to recognize their expertise in fire prevention and safety programs.

For more information about NFPA’s current electric and hybrid vehicle program, visit our Electric Vehicle Safety Training section or read our online press release