Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety and NFPA sign Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen safety in Bangladesh garment factories

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on Sep 19, 2014
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Ellen Tauscher, Alliance Board Chair , and Jim Pauley, NFPA President


Just yesterday, The Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety and NFPA formalized a collaboration through a Memorandum of Understanding. This MOU will empower Alliance Members, factories, workers and other stakeholders with information, guidance and access to training resources that will help protect the health and safety of workers in ready-made garment (RMG) factories in Bangladesh.

“For too many years, the RMG industry has not taken enough measures to protect employees and prevent tragedies caused by unsafe working conditions or poor building construction,” said Ellen Tauscher, Alliance Board Chair and former U.S. Congresswoman. “Our partnership with NFPA will ensure our Member factories will be guided by best practices used around the world and the most up to date standards for building and fire safety.”

Key components of the four-year partnership include:

    • Raising awareness of NFPA codes, standards and resources in the Bangladesh RMG sector;

    • Expanding training and education through effective fire and electrical system safety programs for workers and management representatives; and

    • Disseminating vital information to help workers recognize and prevent workplace hazards at Alliance Member factories.

Moving forward, an implementation team of representatives from each organization will develop a plan of action, determine working procedures and identify participants’ roles and responsibilities. Members from the Alliance and NFPA will meet at least once per year to share progress made toward the partnership’s goals. The results will be shared publically via the Alliance and NFPA websites.