Mark Stevens - Fire Inspector/Plans Examiner

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Mark Stevens, CFPS

Mark Stevens is a Fire Inspector/Plans Examiner with the Maine State Fire Marshal’s Office. He lives in Oakland, a town of about 6,500 people located in the Belgrade Lakes Region of Maine.


Staff of 15 covers the state of Maine


Currently, Mark works in the field of fire prevention with an emphasis on code enforcement.  His major responsibilities are conducting fire and life safety inspections in all state licensed facilities ranging from hospitals and detention/correctional facilities to single family dwellings. As supervisor of the plans review section of the Maine State Fire Marshal’s Office, he also oversees the review of construction, renovation, and change-of-use plans for public buildings located in Maine. Complaints for fire and life safety code violations for any type of occupancy in the State of Maine are also reviewed by the Fire Marshal’s Office. A staff of only fifteen people perform all of these functions (over an area of 35,000 square miles) so efficiency and professional competency are very important to the team. As a supervisor, he continues to recognize the important role that NFPA certification plays in the professional development of his staff.


He’s earned the following: Fire Inspector I, Fire Inspector II, Fire Plans Examiner, and Fire Protection Specialist


“My last certification exam was in 2009 at the University of Maine at Farmington online testing center. It was at UMF that I took the Certified Fire Protection Specialist Exam. NFPA certification has played a very important role in my professional development. Online testing at a local test site was the major reason for taking the exam at the University of Maine. I believe that the level of accessibility to NFPA certification programs is a very positive aspect and offers the flexibility needed to pursue certification. State partnership agencies also help to expand access to NFPA certification programs. As the State partnership agency for the State of Maine we are striving to reinforce the importance of NFPA certification programs for fire service organizations within the state. Fire departments that employ trained fire inspectors are able to provide a greater degree of safety to the citizens that they serve through proactive methods of fire protection.”


“NFPA certification has provided a credible and recognized measure of job related competency for me. Earning the NFPA Certified Fire Inspector I, Fire Inspector II, Fire Plan Examiner, and Fire Protection Specialist has definitely been a positive part of my career advancement. The fire service has been trending towards standards-based training for quite some time and NFPA certification provides a means of demonstrating professional competency for fire inspectors, code enforcement officials, and other fire protection related professions. NFPA certification plays an important role in the professional development of many fire prevention and code enforcement organizations. This role is likely to increase as more organizations seek tangible evidence that their personnel are competent in understanding and enforcing adopted codes and standards.”


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