Today in fire history: firefighter dies in printing office fire

Blog Post created by paulalevesque Employee on Sep 28, 2014

At approximately 2:00 a.m., on Monday September 28, 1992, Denver fire fighters responded to a fire in a two-story print shop.  During the fire suppression operations in one Denver fire fighter died.   The victim was working by himself inside the fire building when he, apparently, encountered some type of difficulty.  He was able to reach a second-story window and shine his handlight through the window alerting other fire fighters who were outside.

A partially collapsed floor and intense fire within the building prevented potential rescuers from reaching the trapped fire fighter through the interior of the building.  Other fire fighters, laddered the building and entered the room where the trapped fire fighter was located.  Over a period of approximately 55 minutes, several rescuers attempted to remove the victim through a window; however, they were unsuccessful due to the confinement of the space in which they were working.  The fatally injured fire fighter was finally removed through a hole which fire fighters cut in a wall.

This fire highlights the importance of fire fighters remaining together during fire suppression and related operations.  This fire also reveals difficulties associated with rescue in confined spaces.

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