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Black Forest Video snippet - Jan 2014

Soon after the June 2013 Black Forest Fire (the most destructive fire in Colorado’s history) took two lives, destroyed 486 homes and burned more than 14,000 acres of ponderosa pine forest, area stakeholders began work on a collaborative visual learning tool for residents in their combined jurisdictions.  The video’s objective was to visually communicate the need for increased and continuous wildfire mitigation that reduces the risk from future fires.

The immense power and importance of community-wide mitigation is highlighted and reiterated throughout the thirteen minute video "Protecting Our Homes, Our Firefighters and Our Forests." Firefighters, homeowners and wildfire risk reduction advocates provide moving testimonials and success stories that will resonate with WUI residents everywhere. The video will be used by fire departments in the Black Forest and surrounding areas to educate and motivate residents about the importance of proactive mitigation in making the places where they live safer for both residents and responding firefighters; along with the benefits and value it provides as a means for preserving a wildland-urban lifestyle, the environment and their financial investment.

This video has relevancy for everyone that lives in an area with a wildfire risk and provides vivid examples that reinforce the importance and need for community members at all levels to work together in reducing their risk.  The video is short and impactful and makes an excellent addition to presentations from fire departments, homeowner associations,  insurance companies and elected officials.

An eight-year-old boy from upstate New York suffered a tragic end after alerting eight family members of a fire.

CNN reports that Tyler J. Doohan of East Rochester was spending the night with relatives when a fire erupted inside their mobile home. Doohan woke six people, including two more children, who were able to exit the home. Knowing that his disabled grandfather was still in the home, Doohan went back inside in an attempt to save him. "By that time, the fire had traveled to the back of the trailer," Fire Chief Chris Ebmeyer told CNN. "Unfortunately they both succumbed to heat and smoke." Their bodies were found in the same bedroom. Doohan's uncle also died in the blaze.

Ebmeyer believes there were no working smoke alarms in the home. Following the tragedy, his department is planning a public service initiative tied to smoke alarms. Watch the CNN report for more information.


Foundation NewsThe January-February issue of Research Foundation News is available for your viewing.  Featured items include:

  • SupDet 2014 to feature interactive workshop on SMART buildings and fire safety
  • Free webinar series launched, beginning with Responding to Electric Vehicle Fires project
  • Three new suppression projects underway
  • New reports issued: Fire Safety Challenges of Tall Wood Buildings, Non-Fire Hazard Provisions in NPFA Codes and Standards, Assessing the List of Typical Oxidizers, and Evaluation of Intrinsic Safety for Emergency Responder Electronic Safety Equipment

Thanks for having a look! This bi-monthly Research Foundation newsletter describes new projects, research planning developments, newly issued reports, upcoming symposia, and other activities of the Foundation.

Don't miss an issue! Sign up now.

As we continue to enhance our standards development site, NFPA looks for ways to make it easier for the public to get involved and participate in our standards development process.

A recent feature added in the standard development site is the capability for the public to “View Public Inputs” and “View Public Comments” after all submissions have been completed. For documents in the Fall 2015 revision cycle that received public inputs, links are now available to “View Public Inputs” on each Next edition tab of the document information pages under the category “First Draft”. You will be asked to sign-in or create a free online account with NFPA before using this system. Please note that the following 5 documents did not receive any public inputs and, therefore, will not have a link available for viewing: NFPA 18A, NFPA 102, NFPA 551, NFPA 951, and NFPA 1912.
To view a complete list of the Fall 2015 documents, go to the document information pages and use the search feature in the upper right gray box to search by cycle.

Please be advised, that it is anticipated that in the future, paper submissions for public input and public comment will not be accepted so please take this opportunity to try out the system – we think you’ll really like it! As always we are here to help you participate in the NFPA process.

If you have any questions or need help with any feature of the Standards Development site, please feel free to contact us.

Dealing with hazardous materials during a crisis requires both skill and extensive training in order to be handled properly. The Shelbyville Fire Department HazMat Task Force from Shelbyville, KY is no stranger to Hazardous materials imagehazardous materials education, making strides to teach both communities and first responders about hazardous materials management techniques and safety awareness. Due to their efforts, the NFPA Fire Safety Educational Memorial Fund Committee has selected the Shelbyville HazMat Task Force as the recipient of the 2014 Warren E. Isman Educational Grant.

Congratulations to the Shelbyville Fire Department HazMat Task Force!

To read more about the Shelbyville HazMat Task Force and the annual Warren E. Isman Educational Grant, check out the full press release !

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