The committee on Hazardous Materials Response Personnel is seeking public input on NFPA 1072

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Oct 1, 2014

The Technical Committee on Hazardous Materials Response Personnel is seeking public input for a new, proposed standard, NFPA 1072 Standard on Hazardous Materials/Weapons of Mass Destruction Emergency Response Professional Qualifications.

For the past several months the Technical Committee on Hazardous Materials Response Personnel has been working on the initial draft of NFPA 1072. The Standards Council approved the draft and has now posted it to the Doc Info Page for Public Input. The closing date for Public Input is January 5, 2015.

The Input Stage provides the opportunity for the public and others to assist the Technical Committee in developing a draft of a new or revised NFPA standard and for submitting new material for the public and the committee to consider. The Input Stage is a preliminary stage for assisting the committee in developing its draft and for raising issues for review and consideration. While the technical committee must review all public inputs and provide limited responses, the technical committee does not act to formally accept or reject public inputs and is not required to address all specific issues raised in the public input.

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To access the draft for Public Input navigate to www.nfpa.org/1072. Click on the hyperlink “The next edition of this standard is now open for Public Input (formerly proposals)” found at the top of the “About”, “Current & Prior Editions” or “Next Edition” Tabs. Complete the “Sign-In” information. If you have signed in before or have already received a password from NFPA you can proceed. If you need a password, click on the “Create a Profile” hyperlink. You don't have to be a member of NFPA to create a profile, or submit a public input. 

Please review the Instructions provided to assist you in submitting Public Inputs.      

The Technical Committee will review all Public Inputs at its First Draft Meeting tentatively scheduled for late February 2015. Refer to the Doc Info Page for meeting details as they become available. As a convenience to our guests, click on the “Alerts: Receive e-mail updates on this document”. When updates are made to the Doc Info Page you’ll receive email indicating that there has been a change or update. 

-Tom McGowan