FireRescue1 finds 7 profound results from past Fire Prevention Weeks

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Oct 10, 2014

FPWFireRescue1 published a great piece yesterday that included thoughts from the public on what they thought some of the best results of Fire Prevention Week in the past have been. 

They asked their fans on Facebook to tell them the most profound impact that came from their Fire Prevention Week efforts. Some said it inspired them to become a firefighter, and others applauded kids for teaching their parents what they learned. Below are some of the most compelling responses they received.

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"Witnessing first-hand a child leading his sister out of the house by the hand, notifying adults of the fire and going to the pre-arranged meeting place — all while remaining calm. This child later became a firefighter." — Jennifer Moore-Warren

"Kids going home and making their parents put batteries in their smoke detectors. One family had a fire a week later. Thankfully they got out with the warning." — Michael Dobson

"Simple: public education." — John Riley

"Fire Prevention Week is what made me want to become a firefighter." — Marshall David

"Last year we did something different with one of the classes coming to fire station. Parents came with their kids to the station, so we taught the whole family. While I was teaching the class, we were filling the bay up with smoke from our smoke machine. And when it was time to go out in the bay, many parents were surprised that you could not see. We use it for all of our classes now." — Patty Harker

"Learning that the concepts we taught the preschoolers during the day were taught to the parents that night. A good amount of parents mentioned what their little ones had taught them about 911, etc." — Karen Morris 

"E D.I.T.H. fire prevention program from the '80s taught my kids how to get out of the house at least two ways and a safety place to meet." — Jackie Hatton