William McCammon, Treasurer of NFPA’s Board of Directors, dies

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Oct 14, 2014

WilliamMcCammonWilliam J. McCammon, Treasurer of NFPA’s Board of Directors, died in his sleep on October 13, 2014. Chief McCammon was appointed to the board for a 3-year term at NFPA’s Annual Meeting in June 2009, then was re-elected in June 2012 for a second 3-year term. During his tenure as an NFPA board member, he had served on the Governance, Executive, Finance, Compensation and Scholarship Committees. As Treasurer, he had chaired the Finance and Compensation committees. Chief McCammon also served on NFPA’s Wildland Advisory Committee.

Chief McCammon was the first Fire Chief of the Alameda County (CA) Fire Department from 1993-2006. He began his fire service career working for the Dublin-San Ramon Services District Fire Department (SLFD). During his 14 years with SLFD, he held the ranks of firefighter, Engineer, Captain, Battalion Chief, Deputy Chief-Fire Marshal and Fire Chief.

Chief McCammon served in all positions on NFPA's Metropolitan “Metro” Executive Board including President. At the time of his death, he was representing the Metro as one of four vice chairs on the Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC) to the First Net Board. Chief McCammon also represented the Metro on SAFECOM, which is an advisory committee to the Office of Emergency Communications (OEC) in the Department of Homeland Security. The Committee reviews issues surrounding interoperability and makes recommendations to the agency. 

He led the effort to create the East Bay Regional Communications System Authority (EBRCSA), which built and operates a communications system for 43 public agencies within Alameda and Contra Costa counties. He was currently serving as the Executive Director for EBRCSA. In 2012 he was appointed Vice-Chair for FirstNet’s Public Safety Advisory Committee.