ARC's 5-year home fire preparedness campaign delivers life-saving impact one day in

Blog Post created by susanmckelvey Employee on Oct 15, 2014


Last week, the American Red Cross launched an ambitious home fire preparedness campaign to reduce the number of fire injuries and deaths nationwide. Central to the initiative is the distribution of 500,000 smoke alarms in targeted communities over the next five years.


Within 24 hours of the campaign's launch, one woman’s life may have been saved already.

According to firefighters, a woman in Albany, GA, fell asleep in her home after running a self-cleaning oven, not realizing that a pot with grease was in it. She awoke to the sound of a smoke alarm and promptly exited the home.

That smoke alarm had been installed the day before by Red Cross volunteers with the help of a local Boy Scout troop, who were going door-to-door in the two neighborhoods that have experienced the highest number of home fires, fatalities and injuries in Georgia.


Many organizations, including NFPA , are partners in this effort. To learn more about the initiative, visit Saving Lives with the Red Cross Home Fire Campaign.</p>