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A firefighter on-scene at last month's fatal fire in Lawrence, MA.


John Grant, president of the Fire Chiefs Association of Massachusetts and chief of the Milton Fire Department , wrote “Mounting fire death toll underscores need for sprinklers”, an op-ed that was published in today’s +Boston Globe+.

In light of two recent fires that took the lives of two young boys and a disabled woman, repsectively, he reinforces the importance of mandating the installation of fire sprinkler systems in newly constructed multi-family homes, a requirement that’s now being challenged by some groups and individuals.


“They reason that, while fire sprinklers would save lives, there are not enough fire deaths in Massachusetts to justify the cost. The question I pose to theBoard of Building Regulations and Standards is: How many lives need to be lost to justify fire sprinklers in multi-family homes?”

It would be reassuring to think the answer for all of us would be: “Just one.”


John Grant is also a member of the Massachusetts Fire Sprinkler Coalition.</p>

Washington Fire Sprinkler CoalitionThe outside-the-box thinkers with the Washington Fire Sprinkler Coalition have developed a new challenge that looks to ramp up education on home fire sprinklers, and it's effective (and simple) enough to replicate in other states. 

The Residential Fire Sprinkler Education Challenge tasks fire departments in the Evergreen State with increasing the promotion of a fire sprinkler's life-saving benefits. Get all the details by visiting NFPA's Fire Sprinkler Initiative blog.

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