NFPA Journal column emphasizes NFPA's commitment to global fire protection community

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Nov 19, 2014

Global viewIn his recent NFPA Journal column, "Global View," Don Bliss, vice-president for Field Operations at NFPA, talks about the Association's continuing efforts to make a significant investment in its mission to “reduce the worldwide burden of fire.” In particular, he notes, NFPA standards are in use around the world and have been translated into at least 12 languages, and NFPA supports participation in the its standards-development process with an online platform that can be accessed anywhere.

However, he says, more needs to be done to engage the global fire protection community in efforts to reduce deaths and property loss due to fire.

"NFPA is currently re-assessing its international strategy, with a vision of being the worldwide authority on fire, electrical, and building safety," he says. "Most importantly, we have the capability—and a moral and professional obligation—to assist developing nations in building a culture of fire safety. With more than a century of experience, NFPA is in an ideal position to share its codes and standards, research, educational resources, and experience in the adoption and enforcement of fire safety standards with nations facing high rates of fire death and property loss. In this age of an increasingly interconnected world, those are burdens we all share."

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