Upcoming live broadcast helps you understand chapter 12 of NFPA 99 on emergency preparedness

Blog Post created by seanryan Employee on Nov 19, 2014

Chapter 12 of NFPA 99 is a vital part of the standard to know for Facility Managers (FM's) and other personnel at health care facilities all over the world in regards to emergency preparedness. Natural disasters, domestic terror attacks and other life threatening situations will require you to operate your facility in a different manner. Are you prepared?  Imagine if you had the oportunity to learn from one of your peers, another FM, and a Fire Protection Engineer at NFPA who helped develop NFPA 99. 

On December 16th, NFPA will host a 2-hour live broadcast for Facility Managers and other health care personnel from 1pm - 3pm EST to help increase the ability of a code user to locate, interpret, and apply the criteria of Chapter 12 of NFPA 99, health care facilities, to assess, mitigate, prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergencies of any nature.

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This Pay-Per-View event is hosted by Jonathan Hart, Fire Protection Engineer at NFPA and David Dagenais, Director of Plant Operations and Security at Wentworth Douglas Hospital in Dover, NH. Viewers of this event will have the fantastic opportunity to learn from the vantage points of both an engineer who helped develop the NFPA 99 standard and an experienced health care Facility Manager who applies the code every day of the year.

As an added bonus, every registrant will receive a PDF copy of a 9-page article authored by Jonathan Hart called "Health Care Emergency Management: Preparing for All Hazards"

Find out more and register here for this great event.