NFPA invites you to be part of the discussion on fire hoses

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Dec 4, 2014


NFPA's Ken Willette invites your participation in the development of NFPA's standard on fire hoses.

A researcher at Worcester Polytechnic Institute is working on a project to make fire hoses more fire-resistant. The project, managed by Kathy Notarianni, an associate professor in the Fire Protection Engineering Department at WPI, follows a fire in Boston's Back Bay neighbrhood last March in which two firefighters died after their attack fire hose burned.

All research on this topic is being forwarded to the NFPA Technical Committee on Fire Hose, which develops NFPA 1961, Standard on Fire Hose, which will consider any proposed revisions to the document.

Ken Willette, manager of NFPA's public fire protection division, says there are two ways people can be part of the discussion on attack fire hoses. First, anyone can submit "public input" (proposed revisions) on NFPA 1961.

Second, the Committee on Fire Hose is seeking members from the following interest classifications: Installer/Maintainer, Applied Research/Testing Laboratory, Insurance, Consumer, Enforcer, Labor, Special Expert, and User. Please consider sumitting an application to join this committee and lend your expertise to this important issue.