January 20 seminar: Facility managers face ch-ch-changes to NFPA 99 and NFPA 101

Blog Post created by seanryan Employee on Dec 11, 2014

Usually when I write blog posts I like to include a quote from a philosopher, a head of state or a historical figure. Is it odd that the person I want to quote for this piece is a musician? David Bowie in his song "Changes" has a refrain that is "Ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes." If you are a Facility Manager at a health care facility we know that you face the challenge of splitting your time among many tasks including compliance with NFPA codes and standards. With the BIG changes that have happened between 1999 and now to NFPA 101 and NFPA 99, the challenge only becomes more evident. NFPA is here to help with that challenge. 

We've chosen Jim Lathrop an industry expert as well as a senior instructor with NFPA to help guide you through the major changes to NFPA 101 and NFPA 99. Knowing that it's tough for Facility Managers to step off their property to train, we've set up a 3-hour interactive training session on January 20, 2015 delivered through a live broadcast over the Web. 

Here are some highlights of what Jim will cover on January 20

NFPA 99 Changes from 1999 to 2012

  • Explain the concept of risk assessment as used in the 2012 Edition of NFPA 99.
  • Understand how the provisions for Medical Gas and Vacuum systems have changed between 2000 and 2012.
  • Describe what is meant by wet procedure locations.
  • Describe the advantages of the 2012 edition of NFPA 99 over the 1999 Edition.

NFPA 101 Changes from 2000 to 2012

  • Describe some of the major changes in the core chapters of NFPA 101 that will benefit health care facilities upon the adoption of the 2012 edition of NFPA 101.
  • Describe some of the major changes in the health care chapters of NFPA 101 between the 2000 and 2012 editions.
  • Explain suites, what they are, what are their benefits, and what are some of the major changes in suites between the 2000 and 2012 editions of NFPA 101.

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