NFPA staff places their mark on fully sprinklered Habitat for Humanity homes

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Jan 9, 2015


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The sights and sounds of progress filled two homes in Hanover, Massachusetts, this week. Power saws sliced into wood, paint was slathered onto walls, nails pierced drywall. NFPA staffers, which included NFPA President Jim Pauley and members of the Leadership Team, were the muscle behind these activities that took place inside the homes. Another interior feature was what lured these volunteers to the homes in the first place.


The South Shore Habitat for Humanity, the Massachusetts Fire Sprinkler Coalition, and other sprinkler advocates collaborated to fully sprinkler the homes in an effort to showcase installation ease and cost. Following the late 2014 installation, NFPA staff set foot on the site this week to begin the process of transforming the homes into livable spaces. By the end of the day, many were covered in wood dust, paint, and sweat--all signs of a hard day's work.


Watch videos of NFPA in action by visiting the Fire Sprinkler Initiative blog.

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