What’s the oldest book in NFPA’s Charles S. Morgan Library?

Blog Post created by maryelizabethwoodruff Employee on Jan 9, 2015

In the Library, we are frequently asked, "What's is the oldest book you have"?   One of the oldest works we have is Electric lighting, and the underwriters' standard requirements in reference thereto, with instructions for the proper inspection of electric light equipments, illustrated (1882).  Weston2 One of the illustrations, a diagram of the mode of operation of the Weston Current Indicator, is shown to the right.   

The introduction, writen by Henry Morton, PhD., begins "The nature of Electricity, or the final cause of those phenomena we call electric, is something about which we are absolutely ignorant, although we know so much about the modes of action, and have made such great and varied use of this unknown agency". 

The Charles S. Morgan Library supports the research activities and maintains the archive of NFPA.  Our collection reflects the interests and activities of members, NFPA committees and staff.    We have copies of all NFPA codes and standards, proceedings, annual reports and amending materials.  PDF copies of many of our historic codes are available for purchase from the NFPA Catalog.  

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