NFPA Journal talks about conflicting health care codes

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Jan 21, 2015

9D4BCB1551C84784BADE5D23FC29A55FFor safety's sake, hospitals rely on multiple layers of regulations, including codes and standards such those created by NFPA, says Chad Beebe, deputy executive director of advocacy for the American Society for Healthcare Engineering. Unfortunately, those codes sometimes conflict in ways that can affect a hospital’s operations.

"Codes that are adopted or made compulsory in a jurisdiction, for example, can contain provisions that differ and sometimes conflict," he says. "Additional friction is created when the adopted codes are not the most recent editions of those documents, or if the provisions in those codes are not based on the most recent information related to patient care."

Read Beebe's article "Fault Lines" in the January/February issue of NFPA Journal to see what's being done to address the way health care codes work with each other to improve the overall health care regulatory process in the United States.


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