New Hampshire home saved from fire after neighbor digs out hydrant

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Jan 30, 2015


Yesterday, we posted to Facebook asking people to remember to shovel out their hydrants to help the fire service in case of emergency, and many of you sent in photos of your cleared hydrants. This timely story came up in our news feed and perfectly demonstrates the benefit of shoveling (so thanks to everyone who has!).

Members of the Salem, NH fire department are digging out the town’s hydrants, but it could take several weeks to finish them all. A snow-covered hydrant costs firefighters precious minutes during an emergency. When they pulled up to a home fire Wednesday night, a neighbor had completed this task for them, saving time and the home. 

The fire started when the owner used a blowtorch to melt ice off the back steps of the house, said Captain Jon Brackett. 

“Yeah, I can’t emphasize enough how much we do discourage people from using an open flame to melt snow or ice in an event like this,” Brackett said.

Thanks to the assistance from the neighbor, the closest hydrant was cleared, allowing the firefighters to get water on the fire right away. What a great reminder for  all of us as we are out there shoveling our driveways and sidewalks this winter; take a couple extra minutes and get the hydrants as well!