What's in the Charles S. Morgan Library & Archives?

Blog Post created by maryelizabethwoodruff Employee on Mar 14, 2015

The Library, first formed in 1945, holds a treasure trove for fire and life safety information enthusiasts.  Our collection reflects the interests and activities of members, NFPA committees and staff.  Resource materials in the Library are collected from national and international sources and include more than 15,000 books and reports, periodicals, and educational media such as curricula, videos, games and brochures.   

The Archive holds NFPA documents dating from the Association's founding in 1896 .  If you are looking to trace the history of a specific provision, we have editions of current and prior NFPA codes and standards, so we can trace back and identify when a change was made.  Once identified, we can look to the amending materials for more insight on why the change was made.  Whether it is in the Report on Proposals/Comments, Technical Committee Reports/Documentation, Advance Reports, or the Proceedings dating back to 1897, we can look to identify more information about the change.

FireIn addition to the technical books and papers in the library collection, we have a focused collection of rare or historic materials including books and pamphlets about fire protection, specific hazards and historic fires.  These materials can provide additional insight into why changes were made.   The photo to the right illustrates the aftermath of the 1906 Baltimore Conflagration where, "the fire was held at one point largely on account of the O'Neil Department store which was equipped with sprinklers.  A few heads in the blind attic opened and the open sprinklers on the windows were used.  All buildings on the exposed side were destroyed but the store was open for business two days after the fire."  Automatic Sprinkler Protection, Gorham Dana, 1919.

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