Across the pond, home fire sprinklers are a European delight

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The United Kingdom recently celebrated Fire Sprinkler Week 2015, an event that encourages sprinkler installation in various settings via information-sharing and other activities. Sprinkler myth-busting was a vital component of this event. 


While the event this year focused its messaging on the necessity of sprinklering educational and business establishments, home fire sprinklers got its fair share of attention. The devices, which have the approval of many in the U.K. fire service, made recent headlines after the English town of Oswestry decided to enact a pilot program that would install them in a two-bedroom bungalow. The head of a local fire and rescue service went a step further and called for sprinklering all new homes, citing similar, pro-sprinkler arguments used by sprinkler advocates in North America. (The Welsh government has embraced this idea; the country will [require sprinklers in all new homes starting in 2016. |])


 "For many vulnerable people, getting out of their home and away from a fire would be difficult, perhaps impossible," said Andy Blizard, head of the Shropshire, England, Fire & Rescue Service's fire safety team, in a story that appeared on its website. 


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