Study provides an analysis of the amount of training typically provided to students of fire training institutions across North America

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Fire service training institutions and associated organizations representing fire personnel, training, and curriculum development are varied in curricula and the number of hours that recruit or initial fire fighter candidates formally attend training programs. While NFPA professional qualifications standards are not intended as training documents, many training institutions refer to the standards when designing and implementing a curriculum.

The purpose of this project is to identify state and provincial fire service training institutions and survey them about curricula and number of formal training hours of recruit or initial fire service fire fighter training including awareness and operations level hazardous materials. This information will be compared to the certification numbers for each program in order to determine which programs are more successful.

Download the complete report,  "Analysis of Recruit/Initial Fire Fighter Trainings Curricula" authored by Patrick Mulherin and Beth Weckman with University of Waterloo, free of charge from the Foundation website.