NFPA Journal launches new podcast, available now on iTunes

Blog Post created by jesseroman Employee on Apr 16, 2015 name is Jesse Roman, I am the staff writer of NFPA Journal, and I am a podcast addict. I find myself listening in the car, while I’m cooking dinner, brushing my teeth, doing yard work—you name it, if it doesn’t involve a pool, I’ve probably got my ear buds in. For me, podcasts are a great way to be engaged and learning while I’m taking care of some of life’s more mundane and mindless tasks.

We figured that NFPA Journal readers probably drive cars, cook dinner, and run errands, too, and might enjoy listening to a podcast focused on fire, electrical and life safety issues. So today we are announcing the launch of that podcast, tentatively named NFPA Journal Podcast (clever, isn’t it?)

The idea of the podcast is to explore in greater depth some of the issues and topics covered in the NFPA Journal and bring them to you in audio form. Each month, we will pick an interesting article, column, or idea from Journal, and talk to the author or an expert, and dive deep into what the issues are, and what you should know— all in 20 minutes or less.

New podcasts will be released on iTunes the second Tuesday of every month. Please subscribe on iTunes, and let us know what you think!

The first edition of NFPA Journal Podcast (released April 14) covers the concept of resiliency—which in recent years has become a huge buzzword in the emergency planning, security and business worlds. Resiliency was also the topic of our cover story in the March/April issue of NFPA Journal.

Our podcast’s first guest, Don Bliss, the vice president of field operations at NFPA and the former fire marshal for the state of New Hampshire, is NFPA’s resident resiliency expert. He’s been a driving force in NFPA’s push to explore how the organization can embed more resiliency concepts into its codes and standards.

Don is a great interview, he’s a very knowledgeable fellow and I think you’ll learn a lot from him. My nasally voice might take some getting used to, but maybe in time you’ll come to appreciate that, too!

Anyway, please check out the new podcast, subscribe on iTunes and let us know what you think. It’ll at least give you something to do while you’re cleaning out the gutters this weekend.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions or ideas for future podcasts or for NFPA Journal articles, please let me know! Email me at

To listen and subscribe to NFPA Journal podcast on iTunes, visit:

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