Dalmatian Animation is this month's Paradigm Challenge; win $1,000!

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on May 8, 2015

DalmatianDalmatians played a key role in clearing the road for firefighters before modern sirens were invented. This month, Project Paradigm, in partnership with American Red Cross have come up with a new Paradigm Challenge. They are asking you to draw, design, or create a Dalmatian along with a message about the importance of keeping the roads clear for firefighters, or an idea about how to better clear the roads. Details are simple:

CREATE. Draw, design, sculpt (or whatever else you can dream up) a Dalmatian.

SHARE. Upload a photo of your creation with a message about the importance keeping the roads clear for firefighters. Then share with your friends and family to rack up votes. #dalmatiananimation

WIN! The 10 entries with the most votes by the end of the month will receive cash prizes of up to $1000.

Check out the current entries and vote for your favorites as well! Good luck to all!