New NFPA Journal offers a comprehensive preview of the 2015 Conference + Expo in Chicago

Blog Post created by scottsutherland Employee on May 12, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 1.43.57 PMAs editor of NFPA Journal, there’s always a special satisfaction that comes with the publication of the May/June conference issue—and not just because it happens to be the largest issue of the year. (The latest version clocks in at 136 pages.) What I like best about these issues is the way they hold up a broad mirror to NFPA and attempt to capture a sense of the vast range of fire, life safety, and electrical topics addressed by the organization as a whole, topics that will be covered in some way at the upcoming Conference + Expo in Chicago. The issues are grab bags in the best sense of the term: eclectic, engaging, and sometimes more than a little surprising. 

This year’s May/June edition of the magazine is no different. The topics of our half-dozen feature stories, for example, range from food truck fire safety to ammonium nitrate storage requirements in NFPA 400 to the problem of electric shock drowning in marinas and boatyards. The issue is packed with information designed to help readers navigate the Conference, and includes nearly 30 pages of listings on hundreds of product and service providers who’ll take part in the event’s Expo. 

There’s no substitute for actually attending the Conference + Expo, but as a stand-in the May/June issue of NFPA Journal suggests the breadth and depth of the premier event for fire, electrical, and building safety professionals. If you’re planning to be at the event, then Journal is an indispensible tool to keep you in the loop on everything going on. 

Enjoy this latest edition of NFPA Journal, and see you in Chicago.