Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors updates school re-entry program; The Journey Back

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on Jun 15, 2015

Journey Back
Helping children regain a sense of normalcy to their lives after burn injury and a reconnection with their peer community prompted the development of The Journey Back school re-entry program several years ago. When I was a child life specialist, I had been asked several times to present a school re-entry program on very short notice and without much preparation on how to implement such a program. School re-entry programs can be instrumental to a child’s transition in healing and after learning that many other colleagues were challenged with the same task -- and many schools and families were desperately searching for help -- it motivated me to figure out how we could make this process easier.

One of the wonderful benefits of Phoenix Society’s support is the national collaborative spirit that is an integral part of their program development and delivery models. The initial draft of The Journey Back was distributed to a wide range of experts from education to burn care. Each contributor took time to lend their expertise and perspective to this valuable tool. Their input insured that the materials were developed with both the survivor’s recovery needs and the professional’s application needs in mind.

Now, after seven years in circulation, we are excited to adapt this tool to utilize current technology and delivery platforms. Users can easily access the most current materials anywhere, anytime, online and free of charge. This new platform allows every child, whether close to the hospital or hours away, access to this supportive and informative back to school curriculum tools. Learn more about The Journey Back school re-entry program.  

Join over 100 hospitals and over 300 users that are currently accessing The Journey Back and support a child or teen to getting back to living their lives at school!