Wrapping things up -- Approaching my last week at NFPA!

Blog Post created by ryan.quinn Employee on Jun 18, 2015

Are we really approaching the last week of June already?! Wow. I'm sure for most of you, you're putting your finishing touches on your work for C&E, and I'm sure everyone is excited! For me, I'm mentally preparing for the bitter-sweetness of approaching my last week here at NFPA. Although I was very (very,very, VERY) happy to say goodbye to the dreadful winter we had, and what was the worst commute of my life (3 1/2 hours to and from Boston), I'm very sad that now I have to say goodbye to everybody here. 

My future plans after NFPA? Well, I will be spending July 4th week home with my family and friends on Long Island (pronounced lawn-guyland), New York, and will be back returning back to Boston to begin summer classes on July 6 at Northeastern University. After that, I enter my senior year, and in May 2016, I'll be graduating with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Journalism with a minor in Oratory and Public Speaking. After graduation, as a congratulations gift to myself, I plan to finally take a trip I have been itching to go on - Birthright! Then comes the oh-so-fun job searching...

I want to take this time to thank ALL of you here at NFPA for welcoming me with open arms. For my first internship, I would say I got pretty lucky with this one. It isn't often you come across an organization filled with fun, enthusiastic, passionate people who enjoy coming to work and enjoy doing what they do. So, thank you for this wonderful experience!!

I cannot thank the Public Affairs department enough for their continuous support and encouragement since my first day, and of course all those in other departments who I've gotten to know. It has been such a pleasure working here, and I certainly learned a lot. I will now and forever be that annoying roommate who will nit-pick all the things my roommates are doing wrong when it comes to cooking in the kitchen, lighting candles, using up ALL the outlets of our extension cords, the list goes on. But they can definitely rest assured knowing our smoke alarms are working and being tested once a month. I hope this is not the last I see of NFPA, I certainly intend to visit at some point. According to my good friend Don Bliss, I hear Christmas time is a hoot!