What?!  No more INDUSTRIAL fire brigades??  

Blog Post created by nancypearce Employee on Jun 19, 2015

Do not panic! The Technical Committee responsible for NFPA 600 has just completed a revision of their document which is now titled Facility Fire Brigades instead of Industrial Fire Brigades!  The Committee wanted to emphasize that fire brigades are not limited to just industrial settings but exist in other facilities such as hospitals, universities and airports.  Although work on fire brigade standards has been going on for over 100 years, with the first document on private fire departments published in 1902, the Committee recognizes that the world of fire brigades has changed.  As a result the Committee is already beginning work on the NEXT edition of NFPA 600, looking at a number of issues that they feel need to be addressed such as “Is there a need to do anything different for fire brigades that look and operate like a full-fledged fire department?“  And “Is there a need to address the issue of fire brigades that also have duties other than fire suppression such as confined space rescue and first aid?”


If you are coming to the NFPA Conference in Chicago next week, and have an interest in fire brigades and NFPA 600, there will be a presentation on the changes made to NFPA 600-2015 and the issues that the Committee is grappling with for the next revision cycle bright and early on Monday morning at 8 AM in room S503ab.  If you cannot attend but are interested in following the work of the committee please sign up for email alerts at    Hope to see you there!