Matthew Wright of Fire Protection Association Australia shares his insights on visiting NFPA - and staying at his hotel

Blog Post created by susanmckelvey Employee on Jul 10, 2015

Matt Wright FPA Australia

In an effort to learn more about the work we do at NFPA, Matthew Wright, chief technical officer/deputy CEO of Fire Protection Association Australia, has been our guest over the past week.

"I’ve been very impressed with all the great work you are doing to develop standards and improve community safety," said Wright.

But when the fire alarm in his hotel sounded at 3:45 this morning, he gleaned a few more insights he shared with us: 

“Being a fire protection industry professional, I recognized what was occurring and evacuated the building via the exit stairs to a safe place outside the hotel...

I wasn’t surprised to hear that some people initially thought the alarm was their wake up call, some thought they would wait some time before leaving their room in case it stopped, and others where grateful for the arrival of the fire department. It turned out it was a false alarm.

I’m glad to report all the fire systems in the building and evacuation procedures seemed to work well and that people followed instruction in an orderly fashion without resistance.

Fire and other emergencies don’t happen to everyone every day, but when they do they can have catastrophic consequences.  Communities in the United States should rest assured that a great organization like NFPA produces life, property and environment protection resources to keep them safe.

Thank you to everyone at NFPA.”

Wright's comments are appreciated by all of us here, and it was a pleasure meeting him as well. But his observations are also an important reminder that everyone should take hotel fire alarms seriously, and promptly exit the building when they sound.