A sprinkler success story in Connecticut

Blog Post created by ryansweezey on Aug 27, 2015

An afternoon fire in Connecticut this past Sunday could Sprinkler sprayhave been a lot worse if not for sprinklers. A Fairfield apartment building kitchen fire on August 23 was successfully contained by the overhead sprinkler system, limiting damage to just two of the 54 apartments, according to the Fairfield Citizen.

The Fairfield Fire Department's Assistant Chief Schuyler Sherwood issued the following statement in the wake of the event:

"The occupants of the building were extremely lucky that this building had a sprinkler system and that the sprinkler system kept the fire in check. The damage would have been much worse had there not been a working sprinkler system."

The lack of greater damage in this instance is a strong reminder of the importance of residential fire sprinklers. For more information on advocating for home fire sprinkler requirements in your state or region, visit the Fire Sprinkler Initiative website.