Don’t be shy, promote your Fire Prevention Week efforts via news outreach and social media strategy

Blog Post created by cathylongley Employee on Aug 27, 2015

According to NFPA’s web analytics, Fire Prevention Week is a hot topic. Fire Prevention Week has been rising in popularity on the NFPA website for weeks, and currently sits solidly in the #1 spot in terms of searches. After nearly 93 years as a national public health campaign – Fire Prevention Week’s enduring messages still ring true so be sure to get the word out if your firehouse, school or community organization is gearing up for a fire safety activity, educational campaign or community open house.

120x600HiResThe success of Fire Prevention Week did not happen by accident. The powerful branding of Fire Prevention Week is a result of relentless, proactive, ongoing public awareness efforts. Similarly, if you’re hosting an event at the firehouse or planning to partner with a local youth organization to drive home fire safety tips - why not let news contacts, bloggers and social media followers know so that your community outreach and the lessons of Fire Prevention Week are shared with an even larger audience? Don’t be shy. Spread the word about your Fire Prevention Week activities – and in the process make your little corner of the world a safer place to live.

To stage an effective and engaging awareness campaign, follow NFPA’s tips for a successful Fire Prevention Week event. Work with your organization’s leadership, get colleagues on board, take pride in your initiative, project the best possible image, partner with other community resources for food donations, promotional assistance and hands-on support – and create a high-visibility program that is fun and informative. Make plans to have NFPA Fire Prevention Week materials on hand and bring out your Sparky costume for visual impact. Consider the photo and social media opportunities that await if you bring together young children, parents, first responders and Sparky, the iconic fire safety dog.

Be sure to communicate with news professionals in advance via a Fire Prevention Week press release. Don’t forget to target TV weather forecasters, too, who often do live shots from outdoor events. Write an Op-ed piece for your chief or the top dog at your organization and send it along to your local newspaper or community website. For more than 80 consecutive years, the President of the United States has signed a proclamation for Fire Prevention Week, signaling national support of fire departments as they teach fire safety in their communities. Why not have a local elected official make a proclamation and join you at your Fire Prevention Week event for added media cache?  

Fire Prevention Week is the perfect time to engage your community and inform area residents about fire safety tips. Take the time to focus on media outreach, promote your fire awareness efforts – and maximize your Fire Prevention Week exposure in 2015.