Fire chiefs endorse position papers on warehouse fires, FireCARES and N-FORS

Blog Post created by ryansweezey on Sep 15, 2015

Fire chiefs from the U.S., U.K. and Canada met last week for NFPA’s Urban Fire Forum (UFF). Three important documents were endorsed by the group of attendees as official UFF-Metro Chiefs position papers, with the goal of using the latest research and best practices in fire response and preparation.

  • Warehouse Fires and Pre-Fire Planning – Emphasizes the importance of pre-fire planning for warehouses. FM Global research shows that in-rack sprinklers are the only way to prevent rapid spread of fire in rack storage. The sprinklers not only minimize the threat of spreading by pre-wetting areas in the path of fire, but also guard against possible roof collapse by cooling the UFFceiling. Effective planning requires the cooperation of multiple parties, and entails attention to several categories including building construction features, types of sprinklers, and size and location of underground mains.
  • -Fire Community Assessment Response Evaluation System (FireCARES) – Designed to assess community risk, structural hazards, and fire department response capabilities. This easy-to-use system encourages accurate and timely risk/resource assessment for planning and budgeting safety of the public and firefighters, and will assist decision-makers in evaluating how a fire department’s resources measure up to its needs.
  • -National Fire Operations Reporting System (N-FORS) – A user-friendly online tool for fire service data collection and analytics. This software will allow for the sharing of fast and accurate information which will assist fire service leaders in making the best decisions for response operations. N-FORS will be key in determining the best practices as well as the most effective and efficient allocations of resources.

“These position papers are critical resources for departments to use to apply the latest fire research and implement the best practices for usual and extraordinary circumstances,” said Russ Sanders, NFPA Metro Chiefs Executive Secretary and UFF coordinator.

For further information on these topics, please read the full documents.