The power of partnerships: NFPA, The Center for Campus Fire Safety, University of New Haven Fire Science Club,  Domino’s and the American Burn Association promote campus fire safety

Blog Post created by cathylongley Employee on Sep 17, 2015

HarvardWhen the University of New Haven Fire Science Club (UNH) decided to host a national campaign and Campus Fire Safety Sweepstakes & Contest to raise awareness for fire safety on college campuses, they turned to The Center for Campus Fire Safety (the Center) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) for statistics and resources that would engage college communities. UNH students developed a Facebook contest and made quick videos with key messages to call attention to September being Campus Fire Safety Month. The Center and NFPA provided fire safety questions to ask landlords and school officials, and videos, checklists, tip sheets, infographics and flyers for social media, college websites, dorms and common areas. A great partnership was born, a new collaborative effort is currently underway, and students are learning that proactive behavior will help address the 24 percent increase in dorm fires that occurred across the country from 2003-2013.

Domino’s and the American Burn Association Burn Prevention Committee also recognized that most college students, many living on their own for the first time, often don’t consider the fire safety implications of their housing choices. So, they, too, signed on to help stimulate interest and raise awareness for campus fire safety. Domino’s offered a popular college staple – pizza – to motivate students to enter the UNH Facebook contest and to learn more about preventing fire on campus. They will provide pizza parties for 50 to two sweepstakes winners and award an IPad mini 3 to the student whose paragraph submission best explains how they will keep themselves and their neighbors safe from campus fire. The ABA’s involvement underscores the importance of cultivating multi-agency partnerships with organizations that share consistent messages about fire safety. ABA’s partnership with UNH, NFPA, The Center and Domino’s ensures that the campus fire safety discussion extends beyond college settings to medical circles, burn communities and business influencers.

By joining forces to raise awareness for campus fire safety, The University of New Haven Fire Club, The Center for Campus Fire Safety, NFPA, Domino’s and the American Burn Association are showing the power of partnerships and the tremendous impact that organizations have when they collaborate on education, outreach and advocacy.