Smoke alarm save in Maine reinforces importance of installation ahead of Fire Prevention Week

Blog Post created by ryansweezey on Oct 6, 2015

Smoke alarms were credited with reducing the potential damage in a Maine apartment building on Wednesday, September 23, according to the Kennebec Journal.

“There is no doubt that if detectors were not in place that this would have been a much more significant fire,” said Fire Chief Roger Audette. “I cannot say enough about smoke detectors.” The chief said that there were no injuries and only minimal damage in the area of the fire. Smoke_Alarms_04_0963-fin

The improper disposal of a candle in a trashcan led to the ignition that set off the alarm, and firefighters were able to respond within minutes and control the situation.

This is a timely reminder about the importance of smoke alarms as this week is Fire Prevention Week, which kicked off October 4 and runs through October 10. This year’s theme is “Hear the Beep Where You Sleep: Every Bedroom Needs a Working Smoke Alarm!”

Audette referenced Fire Prevention Week, stating “this is a good reminder for people to check and maintain their detectors.”

Read the full story from the Kennebec Journal and check out NFPA’s Fire Prevention Week materials online.