NFPA's new training program for certified fire inspector I

Blog Post created by seanryan Employee on Oct 16, 2015

NFPA is proud to announce that we have added a 4-day classroom training program for the Certified Fire Inspector certification. As a Pro Board accredited certification, this program is an exciting addition to our roster of classes. The instructor for this program is Pete Cutrer. Pete brings a wealth of experience to the classroom as he is a Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS) with a focus on Code Compliance and Fire Inspection. He is also an IAAI Certified Fire Investigator, is certified as a NFPA CFI-II, and a Certified Fire Plan Examiner (CFPE). Peter's focus is on energetic, progressive training in the fire prevention and investigation fields. His service included working full time as a Fire Marshal and Deputy Chief for two cities.Cfi_logo

I had the opportunity to sit down with Pete and ask him how this training was different, why the CFI-I certification is so important and what people will take away from this training:

Q: Why is the CFI-I certification so important?

A: In today's world riddled with technicalities and liabilities, the fire inspector needs to credential himself to distinguish that he knows what he's doing. Along with the escalation of hazards such as lightweight construction, interior finishes, and higher population densities, the fire inspection business is no joke. Being certified as a CFI from NFPA the leader in fire safety, is a must.

Q: How will this training help you prepare for the certification exam?

A. The student will be immersed in the code from the start of the class until the end. This class will not only help students understand what code is used for a particular challenge, but will also hone the skill of quickly finding a solution to the problem. 

Q: Who are the people that will benefit the most from CFI-I training? Is it just the fire service or are there others?

A: Of course a fire inspector located within the fire department structure will benefit tremendously from this program. However, an increasing number of building officials and private industry loss prevention folks are finding that this certification not only helps their career, but allows them to remain confident when the codes overlap, as they often do.

Q: Why is this class different from other training programs?

A:  There are many fire inspector programs available on the market today. However, this program is being offered directly by NFPA the leader in code development. Furthermore, many fire inspector programs span over many weeks and involve numerous trips to the educational facility. This program is a true one – and – done program, with training for four days and then an exam on the fifth. Not only is this an efficient use of time, but because you are completely immersed in the code for several days, your chances of passing the exam are tremendously improved.

Q: What are the top 3 takeaways attendees will leave this training event with?

A: 1. Attendees will feel much more confident when performing inspections and doing plan reviews. Confidence is key when dealing with the public. After this training class confidence is built in the student, knowing the code and where to find it.

2. Attendees will understand not only the code development process but how the life safety code and NFPA 1 work hand-in-hand. They will understand how the different codes correlate with each other, again lending to confidence in the field and in the decision-making process.

3. With dedication to the class, and a diligent student, it is hopeful that the student will leave with a certificate and the credential of certified fire inspector. This is a tremendous credential that allPro Board Logoows the inspector to have confidence in his own abilities, but also to be able to speak with authority when rendering code decisions. With the recent addition of Pro Board accreditation, this truly is an unbelievable opportunity for inspection and code officials.

Pete will be leading the classroom training on two different dates and locations. Starting on December 7, 2015 Pete will be at NFPA headquarters in Quincy, MA. The following week starting on December 14, 2015 Pete will be in Orlando, FL. Click here for more information or to register.