NFPA 13 changes and "THEY"

Blog Post created by seanryan Employee on Oct 29, 2015

I have been travelling this week to two trade shows for NFPA and found myself sitting on a runway in Orlando waiting for weather to clear in Boston. We sat on the tarmac waiting for clearance to take off for two hours. So what do you do for two hours on the runway without being able to get up and move around? You take out your Surface Pro and start to type up a blog post about one of my observations from one of the education sessions I attended.

At one of the education sessions about fire suppression, I visibly shuddered every time the speaker referred to NFPA as "THEY." When referring to changes to the 2016 edition of NFPA 13, it may have looked like I was having a seizure because I kept hearing "THEY changed Article......." and THEY changed the line about.........." Offended is not the right word I would use but I was chagrined about the constant references to my beloved organization. THEY have names. THEY have faces. THEY are the folks who mange, guide and wrangle codes and standards to what you see in a handbook or on the Web. Because our technical committees are made up of volunteers from the industry, the term of reference should really be "WE." But let's stick with the term "THEY" for a moment.

I started to think about who the presenter was and he was pretty knowledgeable. I know enough about the changes to the 2016 edition to NFPA 13 to know when someone has enough codes and standards knowledge to