NFPA Standards Council seeking public comments on a potential new project for hanging and bracing of water-based fire protection systems

Blog Post created by debbiebaio Employee on Nov 6, 2015

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standards Council is in receipt of a New Project Initiation Request for the development of an ANSI Accredited Standard on hanging and bracing of water-based fire protection systems. The following topics of requirements are proposed for inclusion in a new hanging and bracing standard for: 

  1. Automatic sprinkler systems;
  2. Watermist systems;
  3. Standpipe systems;
  4. Foam-water sprinkler systems;
  5. Fixed-spray systems;
  6. Fire pumps;
  7. Private fire service mains; and
  8. Water storage tanks.

The proposed project seeks to address hanging and bracing requirements for a myriad of water-based systems, not merely sprinkler systems. 

Currently, Chapter 9 of NFPA 13 addresses hanging and bracing of automatic sprinkler systems. Although many other water-based system design standards refer to this chapter, these requirements were not written, nor intended, for application to alternative systems. To resolve any gap in hanging and bracing requirements, hanging and bracing requirements are sought to be developed which are system specific. 

Should the Standards Council ultimately approve the New Project Initiation Request, the initiator of the project recommends that a new Technical Committee be established given that currently established Technical Committees lack the expertise for development of a hanging and bracing specific standard. 

NFPA is currently soliciting comments from interested organizations and individuals to gauge whether support exists for the development of a standard addressing hanging and bracing requirements for water-based fire protection systems. NFPA specifically seeks input-- from any and all interested-- regarding the following:

  1. Are you, or your organization, in favor of NFPA developing an ANSI Accredited Standard on hanging and bracing?
  2. Your reason(s) for supporting or opposing such a project?  (Please provide in detail)
  3. Are you or your organization interested in participation on the Technical Committee should the Standards Council initiate a new project on hanging and bracing?

Please submit comments in support or opposition to hanging and bracing requirements for fire protection systems standards by the February 1, 2016 deadline.