New NFPA Journal article and podcast look at NFPA's efforts to increase safety in the Bangladesh garment industry

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Inside a garment factory owned by the Hameem Group in Dhaka, Bangladesh, one of the facilities visited by an NFPA group in August. A 2010 fire in the factory killed at least 28 workers. 


A series of tragic fires, building collapses, and other calamities in Bangladesh’s enormous garment industry prompted action in 2013 when a coalition of 26 American and Canadian retailers formed the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety. The aim is to improve safety for Bangladesh’s millions of garment factory workers. In August, about halfway through the five-year effort, a team from NFPA visited more than a dozen factories in Bangladesh, as well as governmental agencies, fire departments, workers and others, to assess how the safety improvement effort is going and how that progress can be sustained. The effort is featured in the article “Progress Report,” in the “In a Flash” section of the new November/December issue of NFPA Journal.

In addition to reading about the efforts underway in Bangladesh, you can hear an in-depth discussion on the Bangladesh initiative in a new edition of NFPA Journal Podcast. Host Jesse Roman chats with Kathleen Almand, NFPA’s vice president of Research and a member of the NFPA team that visited the country in August, as well asAlliance board member Randy Tucker, about some of the common life safety challenges they have seen in Bangladeshi garment factories, what the willingness is for change, and how the Alliance is going about transforming an industry where more than 700 people have died in fires and other accidents since 2005. Subscribe to NFPA Journal Podcast and download it on iTunes, or listen to it on your computer.

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In addition to “Progress Report,” the “In a Flash” section of the new NFPA Journal includes articles on the devastating effect the 2015 California wildfire season has had on pets; a look at the Smart Homes Summit meeting between fire professionals and the tech industry in Palo Alto in October; a year in review of sprinkler legislation; a reminder about Christmas tree safety; briefs about drones and other topics; and a whole lot more.

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