New NFPA Journal feature story looks closely at how municipal fire departments are handling the wildfire threat

Blog Post created by jesseroman Employee on Nov 18, 2015

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In terms of sheer numbers, municipal fire departments—better equipped and trained for structure fires—are handling a larger portion of wildfire duties. But until now there was little understanding or information about how well trained and capable these departments are to handle the job.

“Local Focus,” a feature story in the new November/December issue of NPFA Journal, explores this topic through the lens of a first-of-its-kind new NFPA study. Over the course of several months, NFPA researchers interviewed 46 high-ranking fire officials from urban and rural departments on a variety of topics related to wildfire operations. The report relies heavily on the observations of participants, and interviewees were granted anonymity to encourage candor.

The NFPA Journal article by Jesse Roman highlights some of the most revealing themes and quotes from the extensive study. Mitigation, communication issues, education, and other logistical issues all factor heavily in a local department’s ability to tackle the nation’s wildfire problem, according to those interviewed. Read about these insights and what various local fire service leaders had to say about these challenges, in "Local Focus" in the new NFPA Journal.