Firefighter gives comfort to young boy; goodwill story goes viral

Blog Post created by cathylongley Employee on Dec 22, 2015


Firefighters have a natural propensity to help others. You could say they have the ultimate giving spirit. They display bravery, heroism and selflessness each time the alarm sounds. They run into burning buildings when others look to escape - and they offer comfort when people need it most. Dealing with the emotional needs of victims is a big part of a firefighter's job. And it matters.

As we celebrate the season of giving, yet another uplifting story of firefighter kindness has gone viral. It reminds us of the inherent empathy that firefighters bring to their roles; and calls to mind the September story about a firefighter who calmed a young boy injured in a Mississippi car accident by lying on the ground next to him and watching the animated movie “Happy Feet” as they awaited the ambulance. The firefighter's compassion was a gift to the boy's mom as she tried to calm her other injured children and answer questions about the accident. This week, in Arizona, yet another family benefited from the gift of firefighter sensitivity when a young boy needed some TLC in the aftermath of a car crash. Check out The Today Show's coverage of how the firefighter engaged the child and put his fears to rest.